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Specifications floor acoustic
  • For use with Engineered Hardwood & Laminate Floors.
  • Close-Cell Technology: best sound absortion.
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) : 74°.
  • Sound Transmission Class(STC) : 73°.
  • Waterproof Pad: 6-mil moisture barrier with lip & tape.
  • Reduces noise levels & eliminates hollow sounds.
  • Best use for all sub-floors.
  • Reduces minor sub-floor imperfections.
  • Anti-bacterial, mold & mildew resistant.
  • 100 square feet per Roll.

Floor Acoustic Underlay

Specifications Soundproof
  • For use with Engineered Hardwood & Laminate Floors.
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) : 73°.
  • Sound Transmission Class(STC) : 72°.
  • Water Resistance: 100% waterproof/closed cell
  • Composite of durable, dimensionally stable, cross-linked polyolefin resin and Polyethylene vapor barrier.
  • Highly recommended to use as an advanced sound blocker.
  • Minimizes airborne and structural ( footfall ) noise.
  • Significantly improves in-room sound quality.
  • Moisture barrier with lip & edge to prevent mold, mildew and vapor transmission.
  • Provides thermal insulation performance to reduce cold floors and decrease energy loss.
  • 3mm thickness & 200 sq². ft/roll.

Sound Proof Underlay

Specifications Moisture Vapor Barrier Underlayment
  • For use over concrete or wood sub-floor imperfections.
  • light weight ,good flexibility,and cushioning
  • Increased moisture barrier strength.
  • High foaming and excellent waterproof function.
  • Easy installation.
  • Mold and mildew resistant / non allergenic.
  • 100% sealed chamber,good sound-absorbing, Noise prevention.
  • 3mm thickness, with blue Lip and Tape with a film on one side.
  • 200 sq². ft/roll.

Moisture Vapor Barrier Underlayment

Specifications Moisture Vapor Barrier Underlayment
  • For use under Luxury Vinyl Tile.
  • Premium sound ratings STC 66/ IIC 68.
  • Moisture protection.
  • Mildew& mould resistant.
  • Long-term structural performance.
  • Insulate cold floors.
  • Acoustic barrier reduces noise levels.
  • Vapour protection barrier attached..
  • 200 sq². ft/roll.
  • 1.5 mm thickness
  • High density 180 kg/m³ cross-link.
  • Polypropylene foam.
  • Phlalates free-tested safe for home use.

Soundstep Vinyl Underlayment

Flooring Glue & Subfloor Adhesive »

Specifications Titebond Tongue & Groove Glue
  • It is specifically formulated for all types of laminate and floating floors, even over radiant heat systems.
  • Provides a superior bond at the tongue and groove.
  • Due to its white color, the glue is easy to see for quick cleanup.
  • It is non-toxic and nonflammable, making it safe to use and environmentally friendly.
  • It gives the professional installer the highest level of protection against potential moisture problems, while maintaining a strong ultimate bond.
  • It is a premium wood glue that passes the stringent ANSI Type II water resistance test.

Titebond Tongue & Groove Glue

Specifications Titebond All Weather Subfloor Adhesive
  • It is the ideal choice for subfloor installations.
  • It is designed for particleboard, OSB, engineered lumber and wet, frozen and treated lumber.
  • It offers a strong initial tack, provides superior strength and remains permanently flexible.
  • It fills gaps and irregularities between materials and provides a more solid backup surface.
  • It reduces the amount of nailing and helps eliminate squeaky floors.
  • It also works extremely well in colder temperatures.

Titebond All Weather Subfloor Adhesive

Specifications Titebond All Weather Subfloor Adhesive
  • Premium grade, high performance hydrophobic hybrid polymer, wood flooring adhesive.
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent & odor free, non-flammable, LEED? compliant, VOC & isocyanates free.
  • Cured films are alkali resistance, waterproof, resilient & non-crystallized, suitable for commercial-grade installations.
  • Flexible open/working time, superior bond strength, resilient setting properties.
  • Anti-fracture membrane that bridges cracks up to 1/8".
  • This revolutionary formulation with high solids is ideal for wood flooring glue-down installation over various subfloor systems including in-floor hot water radiant heated subfloor.
  • Anti-microbial protection which inhibits molds in damp environment.
  • Installation of all engineered hardwood, acrylic impregnated laminates, plywood, bamboo, cork, parquet wood flooring, vinyl backing wood flooring, and flat milled solid hardwood plank*. It is ready to use and no mixing required.
Deccobond 381 Specification and safety

Deccobond 381 Gluedown Wood Flooring Adhesive